What is Juvenile Systemic Sclerosis?

Juvenile systemic Sclerosis is a very rare disease in childhood, with an incidence of 0.05 /100000. Around 5 to 10% of all cases of Systemic Sclerosis evolve in childhood.

Currently we have only retrospective data regarding organ involvement and outcome of juvenile systemic sclerosis. This project should create a prospective cohort of new patients with juvenile systemic sclerosis, with an assessment protocol, which represents an international minimal gold standard for all participating countries in the care of these patients.This project should help to improve the care of these patients throughout the world.

If you are a patient or the parent of a patient, please ask your treating physician to participate in this project and contact us for the protocol. Thank you very much for your interest.

Member overview

Leading Investigator of the Project

Name Country eMail
Ivan Foeldvari Germany sprechstunde [at] kinderrheumatologie [dot] de

International Advisory board for the project

Name Country eMail
Jordi Anton Spain janton [at] hsjdbcn [dot] org
Jeff Chaitow Australia jchaitow [at] mypostbox [dot] com
Eileen Baildam United Kingdom eileen [dot] baildam [at] rlc [dot] nhs [dot] uk
Gloria Higgins USA higginsg [at] pediatrics [dot] ohio-state [dot] edu
Tom Lehman USA goldscout [at] aol [dot] com
Claudio Len Brasil len [dot] cl [at] terra [dot] com [dot] br
Andreas Reiff USA areiff [at] chla [dot] usc [dot] edu
Ricardo Russo Argentina rrusso [at] garrahan [dot] gov [dot] ar
Francesco Zulian Italy zulian [at] pediatria [dot] unipd [dot] it

Currently participating centers

Name Country eMail
Jordi Anton Spain janton [at] hsjdbcn [dot] org
Jeff Chaitow Australia jchaitow [at] mypostbox [dot] com
Eileen Baildam United Kingdom eileen [dot] baildam [at] rlc [dot] nhs [dot] uk
Gloria Higgins USA higginsg [at] pediatrics [dot] ohio-state [dot] edu
Tom Lehman USA goldscout [at] aol [dot] com
Claudio Len Brasil len [dot] cl [at] terra [dot] com [dot] br
Andreas Reiff USA areiff [at] chla [dot] usc [dot] edu
Ricardo Russo Argentina rrusso [at] garrahan [dot] gov [dot] ar
Francesco Zulian Italy zulian [at] pediatria [dot] unipd [dot] it

Links to other websites

Contact address of the coordinating study nurse

If you are interested in the study please feel free to contact the coordinating study nurse to receive the protocol and templates for the IRB approval.

Study nurse Angela Wierk

Angela Wierk
Hamburger Zentrum für Kinder- und Jugendrheumatologie
Am Klinikum Eilbek
Dehnhaide 120

22081 Hamburg, Germany

Fon: +49 40 2092 3689
Fax: +49 40 2092 3693

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